Delivering the cars of tomorrow

Product Creation

It’s all about the Evolution of the car – Safer, Smarter, Comfortable, Convenient, In Touch

Software defines the Hardware

In the increasingly complex world of automotive technologies, electronics and software will replace conventional mechanical systems.

Owners want their car to be accessible, a mobile internet enabled asset, the convenience of information anywhere for any choice.

Auto makers want innovative advanced designs, competitive products for global markets.

APTM has years of experience and successful innovation in sensors, control, telemetry, telematics and vehicle chassis analysis and testing.

We have a team of creative E engineers and mechanical test & analysis experts to transform concepts to reality.

ECU and Communications

We develop Electronics, Control Systems, Telematics & Telemetry

Access in-vehicle data for mobile information: security, services, tracking, messaging

Innovative electronic product design and programming.

Operating AUTOSAR and ISO26262 technical standards.

Chassis System

New chassis systems, New power choices: Steer By Wire, Regen, Power Management

We Analyse and Test Chassis products: Brakes, NVH, EPB, Brake By Wire

Providing CAE design, FEA, Modal Analysis, Multi Body Dynamic Simulation

Design of Laboratory Equipment – Performance & NVH Dynamometers, Torque & Pressure Rigs



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Address: 1/160 Stirling Hwy, Nedlands WA 6009 Australia